Monday, August 13, 2012

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is an upcoming first-person shooter video game in the Medal of Honor series, developed by Danger Close, a team within the EA Los Angeles studio, and DICE, due for release on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 October 12, 2010. The game will be a reboot of the series, taking place during the ongoing War in Afghanistan..
Medal of Honor's single-player campaign uses a heavily-modified version of Unreal Engine 3, and its multiplayer uses the Frostbite Engine. The game will use dedicated servers for PC, as can be found in the open beta, and is likely to use dedicated console servers.. It is the first game in the Medal of Honor series to receive an M rating from the ESRB.

System Requirements
Processor: Pentium D 3.0GHz, Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, Athlon X2
Memory: 2GB
Video Card: GeForce 7800 GT, ATI X1900



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